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Players & Parents,

             We're happy to announce that SRHS Athletics Department will be using InstaTeam App for all events calendars, internal communication and announcements.

InstaTeam is a new team communication and engagement app that helps coaches, parents & players to access updated information, instantly communicate with the team and receive reminders and notifications for team events. InstaTeam is currently being used by many Athletic teams in various schools; players and parents find it easy, fast and convenient.

How to join your team

  1. Download the app on your mobile phone iphone or android

  2. Scan to download the app
  3. Or create an account on the web www.instateam.net
  4. Search and join your Team

More Information

InstaTeam maintains member privacy and allows members to communicate and engage within the team without disclosing their personal information. InstaTeam has several of interesting and useful features that make team life simple and easy. Find out more about InstaTeam by watching the video below.

Contact InstaTeam Support

In case of any questions, concerns or need for signup assistance, send an email to support@instateam.net. You can also find answers to many commonly asked question at the Instateam website under FAQ

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